Abby Lee Tee – Cohabiting Spaces

Cohabiting Spaces is the newest release by Austrian sound artist & producer Abby Lee Tee. An immersive expedition into manifold layers of organic and inorganic sounds that explores the spaces within and around us. Obscure field recordings are intertwined with seemingly electronic sounds, constantly shifting the listeners perception in a free flowing state. The movements found within these soundtracks are subtle yet grand. Directions are constantly moving and the path you are on is unforeseeable and captivating.

Side A starts off with rain like textures, hard panned elements & chirping birds that suddenly transform into robots. What a weird jungle we’ve been invited to enter. Slow paced drums are starting to play, giving the chaotic world some rhythm to hold on to. Slowly evolving beats are created out of the previously unsorted nature recordings. Tones filled with hopeful sadness get introduced and reverberate around our heads. You could be forgiven for thinking this may set the direction for this EP, but what follows is a compendium of carefully crafted & selected sounds, as varied in character and constitution as nature itself.

Side B opens with a single higher pitched tone, introducing us yet again into a new part of this world or possibly another one. An atmospheric progression with a threatening aura approaches. As the harsher sounds slowly dissolve we are being led back into the calmer parts of this sonical space. It almost feels like we are back home, at our camp where we started off this journey. Untypical for what we’ve heard so far a piano starts playing which ultimately brings us to the end of this outstanding release.

Released July 31, 2020
Artwork by System Jaquelinde
Mix & Mastering by GC / Christian Ghahremanian
Shash / Accidental Records 2020