Corbin – Ghost with Skin

When I looked through some new releases today I was happily surprised to see an old and familiar face that left big nostalgic marks during my teenage years. Corbin fka Spooky Black’s 2014 Album ‘Leaving’ hit so close to home that it will stay with me as long as I live. Seemingly endless train rides, harsh self criticism, solitary painful moments and a will to change. Fueled by all those sad yet important memories I went into a wonderful 48 minutes of new material. 

‘Ghost with Skin’ feels different from earlier works but has its right and my full support to be just that. Signature vibes that define Corbin’s music are combined with a partly more polished & commercial flavor. ‘Tell Me’ opens the album with an ethereal anthem that is getting me hyped for the whole ride. Overall it’s a good mix of old fashioned tear drenchers and more uplifting modern takes that appeal to new audiences. Personally I feel that the vocal processing on this album took away some of the raw emotions that Corbin’s sound always stood for but I’m definitely adding a bunch of tracks to my daily rotation. Favorite tracks: ctrl alt del / ion care / don’t give up

“ghosts don’t haunt us. they are present among us because we won’t let go of them”

Released October 31, 2021