Anla Courtis & Daniel Menche – Cuspa Llullu

Anla Courtis & Daniel Menche are taking you on a sonic journey with their latest release ‘Cuspa Llullu’. A dynamic and diverse listening experience that transports you into the depths of your own imagination. 

‘Sumaq T’ikraq’ on the A Side gently moves and swings inside a metallic yet organic body. Foley textures are rustling like mammals through a sparse autumn forest full of leaves. Large masses of pulsating clanging sounds are defining the loose rhythm of this piece. Halfway through, the sound suddenly changes to a mysterious and illusory construction site which resolves into an eerie long driven soundscape. I’m imagining seeing the body in third person from far away through a scratched window – watching how the metallic entity got cast into this world.

Achka t’asla on the B Side holds an industrial feeling like the previous side. It feels like an infinite loop of distant tubes that are falling off a gigantic pile that reaches far into the heavens of a polluted megacity. The world we are in is gray. Short flashes of washed out light is disrupting the atmosphere as we slowly move away from this headspace. Sizzling electric strokes are defining the second part of this stunning journey. An ominous siren is slowly ringing out as this 38 minute long experience comes to an end.

Anla Courtis & Daniel Menche did an outstanding job of transporting the listener to another world. This release would be a great fit for art installations. I definitely had some moments that took me back to memorable exhibitions. The artwork reminds me of the beautiful merged creature series of ‘Raoul Deleo’s New Discoveries’, that I saw at Gallery Untitled in Rotterdam, NL.

Music: Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis
Mastered and Cut by Andreas Lubich at LUPO
Label: Moving Furniture Records
Artwork by Pole Ka

cuspa llullu vinyl