Jupiter Himself – This Secret World

This Secret World is an improvised ambient electronica EP that was created in the process of learning the Empress Effects ZOIA in combination with older gear I never got much use out of like the Novation Circuit. Indiegame inspired dreamlike bleeping soundscapes, twirling sounds, organic textures and oddly placed drums are defining this release. It’s been incredibly fun and liberating to simply press record and to see where you end up. I did commit to a lot but the songs normally end at points I totally messed up hence why the tracklengths differ by a significant amount. I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as it was making them.

I know it’s been a while and I’m definitely trying to do more regular blogposts this year. It’s been a weird one that’s for sure and I truly hope that things will return to normal soon. Going forward and looking ahead there are some interesting and ambitious plans on the horizon – from solo projects to a new collaborative alias that’s launching in February.

Released December 7, 2020
Artwork by Dominic Caudr
Mastering by Noisefloor